Your Appointment

Arranging the Appointment

The majority of Dr Heaney's consultations are as a result of referrals from GPs and other medical practitioners: in this case, you can discuss such referral with your doctor and they will be able to make the relevant referral.

You are also welcome to contact our department directly to arrange an appointment yourself. In this case, we recommended you should check the details of your insurance company to ensure cover extends to "self referral".

To arrange a private appointment, please contact the Broadgate reception team on Tel: 0207 638 4330

The team at Broadgate will be in a position to help you determine at which site it would be most convenient to be seen in one of Dr Heaney's neurology clinics.

What will happen at the Appointment?

A neurology appointment involves detailed questioning about health and the neurological symptoms you have developed. It is useful to have an up to date list of your current medication, and the details of any other specialists you see.

It is likely that a neurological examination will be performed, which can involve assessment of the cranial nerves, trunk and limbs - including the feet - even in conditions such as headaches.

After you have been assessed it is likely that a course of investigation or treatment is recommended.

In common with standard medical practice Dr Heaney will then formally communicate his findings to your GP or the referring physician, copying you into all correspondence. Please let Dr Heaney know if you do not want this to be the case.

The Results

When results of investigations are obtained, Dr Heaney will formally notify your doctor about these, copying you in on all correspondence, and in most cases arranging a follow-up appointment to discuss any issues arising.

You are also welcome to contact Dr Heaney's secretary to obtain additional copies of clinic letters and investigation for your own reference.