The Headache Clinic has been established at the Broadgate Spine & Joint Clinic in order to provide patients with a "centre of excellence" in the City. We have brought together a group of medical consultants and complementary healthcare professionals who have a special interest in helping patients with headache.

Dr Dominic Heaney


Dr Heaney leads our headache team and is a consultant neurologist at both The National Hospital for Neurology and Neurosurgery at Queen Square and UCL Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust. His practice includes general neurological assessment in both an outpatient and acute setting.  Dr Heaney also has a keen interest in headache and its diagnosis and treatment.

Patients will be seen initially by Dr Heaney who will undertake the necessary examinations and determine the most appropriate treatment strategy. Treatments will be carried out at the Broadgate Spine & Joint Clinic.